Monday, April 15, 2013

Electric Eyes Prom Look 2013

Hello Gorgeous! 
Did you miss me? I'm sorry I didn't do my usual Friday and Saturday post but, I went home and there was no internet there! :o But, I am back and ready to roll for Makeup Monday! 
I am currently uploading the video to YouTube, so make sure you subscribe to my channel for that! 
However, I did take a lot of pictures, so, while I'm waiting for it to upload, I thought I would just give you a written/picture version of what I did!
This look was inspired by what one of my friends prom dress which was blue and pink! This look is perfect for those funky dresses and girls who want to steal the spotlight.  (Plus, its super easy!)

*EDIT: I no longer sell mark/Avon products. You can recreate this look using any makeup in similar colors. If you would like to use the specific makeup mentioned please talk to your local Avon representative*
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Until tomorrow!
Stay Beautiful,


  1. Love your tutorial. I totally forgot that we had a brow gel.

    xo Sabrina

  2. Thhanks! :) It looks even better in person. lol. I love our brow gel! But maybe its cuz my brows are a little on the bushy side! :P


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