Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reaction to The Vampire Diaries Episode: The Originals

I know, I know, The Vampire Diaries was on last Thursday, but I just really need to talk about it! 
Here is the rehash in case you need a refresher! 
*Warning: Spoilers from here on out!*

My goal is to one day end up on rehash! I know that is kind of  a silly goal but, hey, what's a fangirl to do?

Here are my tweets from last Thursday as I was watching TVD:

haha oh Elijah and his brotherly "love".
Klaus looking uncomfortable with violence and all around scumbaggery? Hmm... interesting.

I think Caroline has gotten inside Klaus' head!

Thats right Klaus, show them who's boss!

Woah, Elijah, way to be a really awesome yet creepy knight in shining armor.

I feel like Marcel is the ungrateful, selfish power hungry child in the Klarcel relationship.

Welp.... looks like thats the end of all hopes for Klaroline. :/

Uhoh... there is gonna be a show down.

Oh Heck to the no, you did not just talk to Klaus like that.

THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR KLAROLINE! That call. my heart can't handle this!!!

So... Klaus a baby daddy? How do you feel about this?! I was so not expecting that! And, as you can tell I am a huge Klaroline fan! So, you can probably guess which brother I want to end up with Elena! (Delena all the way!). I thought this episode was great though and very nicely done! I am worried about when/how/if Rebbekah (Claire Holt) will be on the new series "The Originals" after how she acted in this episode? Hmm...

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