Monday, February 10, 2014

Good News and Bad News

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think that its time to put this blog to sleep. As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting to this blog as much recently. There are multiple reasons for that. Part of me feels like I just don't have anything new to say. Everything that I want to say about beauty and fashion has either already been said or I don't have the means to do it (I.e. the money to buy tons of adorable modest outfits). The other part of me is saying that blog is just not who I am anymore. When I have an idea for a blog these days, 9 times out of 10 it belongs on my Newlywed/Lifestyle blog, Still My Superman. I still love beauty and fashion but, now I'm content to let other people do the talking. I think my time will be better spent solely focusing on one blog and making that blog the best that it can be.

This is a tough decision for me to make since I've had this blog longer and technically speaking, it is more popular. However, I am just so much more passionate about Still My Superman and I think that it will show.

I'm leaving this blog up so everyone can enjoy my previous posts and who knows, one day maybe I'll wake up this baby again. But for now, please consider following me at Still My Superman. I look forward to seeing you over there.

Its been a lovely journey and I sincerely hope you'll continue to stick with me through the ride.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Handbag Wishlist 2014

Since moving I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff, including purses.
Because of that, I desperately needed a new purse. I had a little bit of fun money so I bought a cheap one from Walmart. Its been working out pretty well but, I want something a little bigger and preferably a little more durable. I'm planning on saving up for it but...
There's just a tiny problem... 
I don't really want to pay over $50 for a handbag.
Maybe its worth it.
Maybe I will when I'm older.
But for this college student, that is just not what I want to be dropping loads of money on, as much as I would love a Chanel, Kate Spade, or Marc Jacobs purse. 
So, whats a girl to do?
Well, I went to and etsy and did a little digging. Vans also had some nice, inexpensive purses but, they just weren't my style. 

(these were arranged in no particular order, I'm not sure which one is my favorite... yet.) 

1.  Miss Gustto- Black Serrena Satchel - TJMaxx. ($39.99)
This one I like because it has a nice design and its large. It also looks very trendy but still classic. The black would go with anything.
2. CXL by Christian Lacroix- Quilted Satchel- TJMaxx ($49.99)
Probably the most fashionable and trendy of the bunch. I love the look of this purse but, I'm not sold on the practicability. Both with the amount of pockets and the color. I could get it in brown but, I wasn't a fan of that particular shade.
3. Coffee Handmade Leather Handbag- Etsy (Leizistudio) ($49.90)
For a handmade this is a great price. I love the look of it. Its leather and canvas Not trendy necessarily but classic and versatile. But what really sold me on this was the inside pockets. There are two inside pockets, and two zippered compartments. 
4. Miss Gussto- Claudia Satchel- TJMaxx ($39.99)
Love the zippers on this. Though, they are mostly on the outside and I don't know how practical that actually is. I love the look. Trendy yet classic, and versitile. 

Which one is your favorite?
Any suggestions on where I could get great handbags for $50 or less?

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Violet Vox Box Review!

A while back, I received the #VioletVoxBox via influenster in the mail. I was super excited for these products and now we're going to get into the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
The Great
Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo is absolutely amazing. I was the girl who was over here thinking that there was no need for dry shampoo, I'd just use baby shampoo... its the same thing really. I couldn't have been more wrong. Firstly, this doesn't leave a grey film on my brunette hair. Secondly, it doesn't just dry up the oil, it actually makes your hair shiny. Not oily shiny, mind you, but shiny like you've just washed your hair. The only qualm I have with this is that by the end of the day, I feel like theres a lot of build up in my hair, which is a yucky feeling. However, this is the best Dry Shampoo I've ever used.

The Good
Sally Hansen's Triple Shine Nail Color in Reef Raf 
So, first I nearly died at the cuteness of the name, and I loved the color. I decided to spice it up and make it a little more winter-y with some silver nail polish I had lying around. I was disappointed with the first coat, but as I put on the second coat, I was pleasantly surprised. The best parts about this nail polish is the brush (which is big enough to get all of your nail in one swipe), and its long lasting power. My polish lasted about 3 days with no chips.. without a top coat, which I find pretty impressive.

Goody Athletique Headband
So I'll admit it... I don't do a lot of super athletic things and haven't yet used this in a super active setting. But, it is really great when I need to pull my hair back to wash my face and apply my make up. It doesn't move an inch, and it grabs every itty bitty hair. It fits very tightly to my head so, I'm sure it would hold up well on my more active days.

The Bad

SoyJoy Dark Chocolate Cherry 
I was thrilled when I un-boxed this SoyJoy bar however, I was sorely disappointed. Two words: weird aftertaste. Plus it has a really odd texture that I didn't like. It wasn't horrible and I ate it all, but it is just not my cup of tea.

The Ugly

Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Masque
As you can see in the picture above, this mask didn't quite fit me. Apparently I have a tiny face. Which in turn made it awkward. The masque itself is alright. Not great, but not bad. Its just the one size fits all eye, nose, and mouth hole thing does not work for me. I wish they came in different sizes, like small, medium and large or something.  For now though...I would much rather stick to my regular, albeit messier, clay face masks.

Stay Beautiful,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spoiler Free Catching Fire Review

Yesterday (Friday) I had a "make up day" for school... did that stop me from going to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Absolutely NOT! 

As far as book to movie adaptations go, this is phenomenal. It is phenomenal on its own, of course, but especially for an adaptations.
Fans of the book will not be disappointed.
As always, there were some things from the book left out and a little flexibility with the timeline of things but all in all, it stayed very close to the book. The actors dialogue was expertly lifted off the pages of the book   word for word. 
The acting was incredible. The main players (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, etc.) were of course, fantastic. But it was Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket and Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair who really stood out for me. I think its because we see so much character development from them in this movie. They both seem like they are these simple, prissy, one dimensional characters, and then they surprise you.  They could not have picked a better person to play Effie, Elizabeth Banks just pulls it off beautifully. As far as Finnick goes, he is not exactly what I pictured in my head (looks or acting wise) but I still believed this character as Finnick. Sam Claflin did a great job of taking on this role and making it is own, especially with so many people up in arms about who was to play Finnick. 
The cinematography was spot on.
Even with the change of directors, this movie flows very smoothly from the first film. If I hadn't known before I wrote this that this film had different directors, I really would not have noticed. 
The pacing of the movie was also really nice.  You hardly have time to process things that happen before something else is going on. Usually I wouldn't like that as much, but it works for this because it helps us get into Katniss' head. That is exactly what is happening and it really sells the story line.

All in all, I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

I would love to say more but I don't want to give anything away.
Fans of the book, Go see it now! 
Fans of the first movie, Go see it now!
Already seen it? Go see it again!

Stay Beautiful,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Totally Toned: Workout Week One

First official week of my #TotallyToned series! 
So how did I fare on my first week of Barre and Yoga?

Monday: Free Full Length 30 Minute Ballet Workout - Finished very sweaty and feeling great! I was out of breath during most of it but not like I was running. Which I liked :) 
Eventually I would like to be as graceful as her and be able to lift my legs as high!!

Tuesday: Heavenly Hips- Well I was a little worried about todays workout and with good reason! It was a 60 minute intermediate yoga workout! I'm not very good at working out for over 30 minutes anyway and holding poses doesn't make that easier! Doing yoga I've realized I have very little upper body strength! I did this workout for about 20 minutes, got discouraged then skipped to the. end stretches. Next time around my goal is just to finish the workout!

Wednesday- Saturday: As luck would have it, I got sick this week! I'm totally planning on continuing with week 2 again next week though So... stay tuned. 

How did you do this week?

Stay Beautiful,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad Press Is Indeed Good Press... Wait, What?!

So... I saw an article today top albums of the week (or something like that, I was just glancing) and I saw something that kind of irritated me. 
What's irritating about whats popular in music? you may ask... or 
you may be thinking, "ugh, you're such a hipster". 
But I promise, I'm not a hipster (and yes, I know thats what all the hipsters say... but really, usually I like/love top 40 hits, popular movies and the like... even after they're considered cool).
But back to the point...
what made me mad was the person that was in the top 10 (currently 12).
I'm not going to name the person because I don't want to give her even more publicity but, if your curious and can't figure out who I am talking about just look up the Billboard Top 200 for this week.
It irritates me that bad press is good press.
Someone can do a hoard of inappropriate, gross, and/or "offensive" things and somehow they are suddenly the most interesting person in the world.
I feel like in this day and age scandals are only truly scandals if they happen to politicians. To celebrities, scandals just make you more popular.
Whats wrong with that?
We all make mistakes, don't we? 
Yes. Of course we all make mistakes and we shouldn't be forced to pay for them our entire life. 
But supporting these albums/songs/etc from people who have very recently done offensive things, it just reiterates the idea that not only is it okay to be offensive and inappropriate but that its desirable. Because if you create a scandal, even multiple scandals you will make even more money because people now find you just so much more interesting. 
I'm sorry. Is it such a bad thing for me to wish that the majority of people would support the ones that are trying to make it without totally loosing their innocence or at least realizing that they are a ROLE MODEL. 
Is it wrong of me to think we should be supporting people because of their merit and not because of how many shocking things they can do in a couple of months. 

Hope you enjoyed my rant.
I just needed to get that out.
How do you feel about this?

Stay Beautiful,

Monday, November 11, 2013

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