Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 5 Songs Glee Ruined

Hello Ladies and Gents!
In honor of TV Tuesday, I decided to do a post on Glee and the songs they ruined!
Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Glee and most of the time I think they do a good and/or better job. However there are just some songs that make me want to cringe when they come on while I'm playing my Glee radio on Spotify

I've included the Spotify link and YouTube link for your convenience. Without further ado...

My Top 5 Songs Glee Ruined: 

This is my number one song that Glee ruined. Maybe its because I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan but, this version just makes me want to throw something... and not in a good way. I was really excited when I heard they were doing a MCR song so, this makes me especially sad. But, really, what should I have expected? This version just has the Glee kids singing loud but they don't seem to have any convictions about WHAT they are singing.

I'm sorry, there are only about 2 people in the world that can do Christina justice and these ladies just aren't cutting it. Which is really sad because I love these girls! This is just not up to par. 

So, I don't have any personal connection with this song but... I just really don't like Alex and his character Wade/Unique. He and his voice annoy me. I watched The Glee Project and I definitively was not rooting for him. Plus, it makes me mad that he got in the show full time and Lindsey Pearce didn't. 

See the theme here? Another Wade/Unique song... ugh. Marley does pretty good though. Although again, they seem to have no concept of what they are singing.

So, I never really did get on the whole Gangnam Style bandwagon... but this version especially annoys me. Though, I do commend Jenna for learning all of those words! 

Next week, I think I will do My Top ___ Songs Glee Does Better! 
Of course, these are just MY opinions. Feel free to sound off in the comments, just be respectful please!

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