Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Finale: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye Reaction

Are you ready for TV Tuesday? I'm going to be documenting my thoughts of last nights Carrie Diaries! 

- Ah, teenage breakups. Fun, fun. 
- "Are your parents racist?" "DUH!" LOL. 
- Oh, stereotypical Asian archetype
-UM, he's (Maggie's "fling") ENGAGED? What just happened?
-Let it all out, eh? :P
-Oh, if only life was a tv show and guys showed up when you were missing them and it didn't seem stalker-ish...at all. 
-Dorrit should NOT be doing such things and with a senior?!
-Awww, she said the L word!
-Good boy! Waiting!
-Maggie's definition of prom is SO TRUE. (Kind of).
-Oh, Maggie, letting it kind of spill!
-AND, fighting so soon after they got back together. 
- Sigh. She breaks up with him so fast... 
- And now Sebastian spills the beans.
- Mags going craycray
-Oh, he waited like, two days. Way to keep it in your pants, kid. 
-Dorret's CRYING over that? They didn't even do anything! He just had roses and candles...
- Little Chinese boy? AWKWARD!
-Ah, the lies are parents tell.
-Ah, so NOW it happens. 
-I love Larrissas makeup!
-Oh, I see this ending badly :/ Maggie and Sebastian drinking together as Carrie comes look for him? Uhoh...
-Mouse's dress looks like a shower curtain...
-hahaha jailbait!
-Woah, Carrie has a backbone!
-Wonder if she's going to break up with Sebastian again? I need to get a tally for these two!
-People fall in love so fast on this show! Sheesh.
-Aww yay, summer in NY. How it should be. 

All I know is that there better be a season 2! Which isn't official yet.  

Stay Beautiful,

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