Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From Club to Work Appropriate

Hello Beauties!
Are you glad its Wear It Wednesday?! I am! That means its only two more days till the weekend! Woohooo!

So... if you're anything like me you have some dresses in your closet that are more appropriate for a club than a professional environment. But,they are so cute that you don't want to keep them just for the club! Or, like in my case, you want to get wear out of them because you don't ever go to the clubs (or sorority parties). 
See the dilemma? 
In particular, I have this dress that is SUPER cute short sleeve black and white striped peplum on top and a short body con skirt on the bottom. How do I fix this so its appropriate for say class or a business function? Easy! Add my black maxi skirt over the dress and top it off with a bright belt! 
Check out the picture below! 

Okay, I know they're not the the best pictures, but I'll be getting better, I promise! 

So, what do you do if you have a tank or tube top dress? Thats easy too! Just take a cardigan over it, and depending on how it looks, you can add a belt! (I love belts to cinch my waist!) 
My other favorite thing to do? Wear your dress as a shirt... just tuck it into your jeans! 
I love taking my dresses that are maybe a little to short and making them work/church/school appropriate!
By doing this, I am able to make so many more outfits from my wardrobe! 
 It's also super easy, which is always a plus! Just play around with the pieces and I'm sure you'll come up with some amazing combinations!

Stay Beautiful,

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