Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wear It Wednesday! How to Wear a Swirl Scarf

Hello Beauties! 
Welcome to Wear It Wednesday! Despite it being the first day of spring, it is still very cold outside! 24 degrees! Maybe I'm a sissy for think that is FREEZING but, I like my weather to be in the 80s! This whole groundhog was lying when he said spring would come early business is just not for me! 
That being said, since it was so cold outside, I decided a scarf would be a nice touch. It's a swirl (or swirl and ruffle, whichever you prefer) scarf that was given to me by my loving mother. Someone else made it so, I didn't pay for it. Major stores don't really have these (yet) so, I would suggest to make your own or buy one on etsy.  I know that my mom was a little unsure of how to wear them because these aren't your average scarves. However, I found a way that works well for me thats simple, easy and doesn't make me look like I have 18th century type frills around my neck! 
First of all, I suggest pairing the scarf with a solid or mostly solid shirt in a complimenting color. Here, I chose a grey thermal with a pink undershirt to bring out the pink in the sweater. I suppose you could wear the same color as your scarf but, you want the scarf to stand out. And I just really hate that, personally. 

Alright, now to HOW to wear the scarf? I chose to wear mine like this.. How did I do this exactly? Easy, peasy. I just folded the scarf in half, wraped around my neck and put the "loose" ends through the hole. Make sense? Here's a picture in case if it doesn't! (and its pin-able, so you wont forget!)

Lastly, I paired it with boot cut blue jeans. Personally, I don't think the pants matter that much in this case. I can't wait until the warm weather hits so I can start really playing with my skirts and dresses again! (Having to wear tights all the time is so limiting. Unless you have an outrageous collection, that is) 

Some other ways you can wear this scarf: 
More detailed description below

Simply wrap around neck, tie then add a brooch or hair piece. I'm using mark's Good Hair Day Clip

Same as above, but no clip. Doesn't it look lonely?

For this one, make one side longer than the other when you place on your neck, then wrap the longer side around. 

Unleash your inner drama queen and tie to the side, flipping one side of the scarf over your shoulder. I'll admit this is cute, but it's hard to get to stay like that! Anybody have tips on that? 

And last... just simply let it hang on your neck. I'd only use this one if you really need to make yourself look super skinny or want to frame something on your shirt. 

Alright beauties! I hope you enjoyed and are inspired to wear, buy or make a swirl scarf yourself! 
Stay Beautiful,
P.S. Come back tomorrow for Time Management Thursday! Join me on my journey to balance out college, wedding planning, blogging, and more! 

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