Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Carrie Diaries: Identity Crisis Reaction

If you haven't started watching yet, The Carrie Diaries is a t.v. show prequel to The Sex and the City. It follows Carrie Bradshaw in high school. Carrie is played by the beautiful AnnaSophia Robb. It comes on Mondays at 8/7c on the CW

Warning: Contains Spoilers! 
- Aww, Sebastian and Carrie are so cute
- I want to be that in love with my job! 
- Really Sebastian's mom? I don't even know her name and shes cucko for cocoa puffs. Showing up at school then talking to him about her and her ex husband getting back together (dirty details and all)... sheesh..
- haha Bennet "Are you drunk?" just because Carrie shows up to work on a Monday happy! 
-Ah typical 80s stuff... fun. Gotta love the casual drug references! 
- I don't really see why Larissa is in charge. She's so flighty!
-hahaha Carrie trying to be Larissa is HILARIOUS! 
-Sigh, I want to like Mouse but... she just annoys me. CHILL OUT girl!
- When is her dad actually going to date? Not just freak out around women?
- I have a bad feeling that there is no package.... hmm....
- Way to go Mouse, ruining the team! lol. I do like the tension between her and the jock though. 
- To take the clothes or not take the clothes, that is the question
- So, there IS a package... but it came with a death threat. Yikes!
-Of course the woman he freaked out on would walk into the diner. 
-From annoying to making out in the back of a car? Seems legit. Her dad needs to sort out his dating issues. 
- I LOVE Maggies clothes!
-HAHAHA Maggie and Sebastian catching her dad making out in the car!
-Carrie freaks out in like every episode but for some reason I don't mind 
-"We want them to be parents, not people" LOL
-Way to be sketchy Mouse
-Uhoh, Mouse's plan backfired 
-So, I'm all for Sebastian finally telling his mom off, but I find her reaction hard to belief. Oh well! Tv shows are allowed to speed things up a bit.
- And now Carrie's plan backfired! 
-Flawless logic there Carrie. 
- I guess Mouse's plan didn't backfire AND she may get a hot boy out of it. Ow, ow!
- Love her outfit at the end! 

That's all folk! See you tomorrow!

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