Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TV Tuesday:Pretty Little Liars Finale

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Today marks the end of Pretty Little Liars... until the premiere of season for June 11th that is.

The following is my reactions to the episode, be warned, it contains spoilers!!!

  • Spencer's out of Radley! Yay! 
  • But she's acting a little more meh than usual, boo!
  • I love Hannah, she's hilarious! "Whats the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin?" lol
  • Well, Spencer's acting creepy... Oh yeah! She's a part of the A team, yikes! 
  • Aww, poor Ezra! Aria is totally icing him out!
  • JENNA IS BACK! OMG, what?!?! "The police have evidence?" What is that about? And what is that text about?! Who sent it? 
  • Hannah + Ezra scene is priceless! (No shennanigans, other than her lying about babysitting Malcom)
  • Jenna and Shana? What? Are they together or just friends? And whats going on Friday? Are they a part of the A team too?
  • Ezria  is breaking my heart! I totally get Aria's reasoning but, BOO
  • TOBY'S ALIVE!!! I knew it, I knew it I knew it! *fist pump*
  • Hmm.. is he just telling Spencer what she wants to hear?/ The writers telling the VIEWERS what they want to hear? I'm so conflicted!! 
  • Welp, Mona didn't kidnap the kid! 
  • So, whats the deal with Jenna and Shana and Melissa?!?! Is the A team bigger than we thought or are they forming their own alliance?
  • I love the way the Liars figured out Spencer was a part of the A team and confronted her! "Spencer's on the A Team, game over." 
  • It's so weird they take orders from someone they don't know who it is! 
  • Mona gets trapped! hahahahahaha sucka! 
  • Uhoh... fire! I don't get why she set the fire just to drag them all out?
  • She framed Toby! Ugh... 
  • Who is Red Coat? The Liars think Ali... and I do too! 
  • Mona a victim? This will be fun..
  • WHAT the heck is in that trunk?! I hate we have to wait until June to find out!
What did you guys think of the finale? Did  you have the same reactions I did? 

Come back tomorrow for Wear it Wednesday! 

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