Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time Management Thursday: Stick to Your List!

Welcome to Time Management Thursday! 
So, confession... I had  have some of the worst time management skills. Take today for instance, even though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was writing this post on time management, I slacked off on the things on my to do list and watched Smash instead... Oh, and talked to my mom, and looked at jobs but only applied for two babysitting jobs at . 
Despite this sad example of how I spent my day I am slowly getting better at managing my time. So, I guess thats my first tip to you. Don't expect it to just happen. Like with any new habit (yes, its a habit) it takes time to take hold. You have to work at it, otherwise its never going to happen. (Kind of like those killer abs I want but don't want to sweat for). 

So, one of my favorite things to do for time management is to make a to do list. Pretty simple, right? 
The problem with me making a list is that I make it, don't look at it again until the next day or just forget about it all together. It still makes me aware of what I need to do that day but, I find if I don't look at it its a lot easier to get distracted with other things or put it off.I don't know about you guys, but that doesn't seem like the list thing is working out. At least, not the way I'm doing it.
So, what to do? 
I love lists and I don't want to just do away with my to do list all together so, I came up with a solutions I want to try out. You can try them with me and let me know how they work for you. 
1. Make to Do list on phone and set a "due date" and priority high- I'm not sure how well this works on other phones, but this is how I would do it on my Android htc phone. But basically, just make the to do list on your phone and have it remind you. 
2. Set alarms for certain times of the day to check your to do list- mid-afternoon, evening, and night. This will be helpful just because I keep forgetting to actually look at my to do list and check things off. 
3. Schedule Your To Do List- what I mean by this is basically laying out approximately when you are going to do each item on your to do list. That way you have to look at it to know whats next. 

Stay Beautiful,

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