Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Under Construction

Hey Beauties,
A few of you may have already noticed but I wanted to address some of the changes that are happening around here. After all, a blog is just a diary without any readers so, I need to keep ya'll informed! 

I was thinking about giving up on blogging all together because of my spottiness with this blog but then I had a better idea. First, I decided to start blogging more regularly... everyday in fact, except for Sunday. Well, how was I supposed to do that? I've said it before and 30 Day Blog Challenges certainly don't get me into the habit (and honestly, don't make for very good blogging for me... some people do them well but I am not one of them!). So, I decided to come up with a certain topic to post about each day of the week. I am keeping them vauge enough so that I can do multiple types of posts. These are subject to change, but here's where I am at right now. (most of which you've already seen)
Makeup Monday- Where I will post tutorials, inspiration, current favorites, foundation routine... stuff like that. 
TV Tuesday- Where I review my favorite tv shows (although I don't know what to do since the Pretty Little Liars finale!) or do a fashion or make up post inspired by one of my favorite tv shows... you get the gist. 
Wear It Wednesday- Fashion! Will mostly be outfit's of the day but may also be me dreaming with polyvore.
Time Management/Tried It Thursday- So, Thursday's were going to be Tried It Thursday where I tried out things on pinterest or DIY's I came up with myself or something but then I realized I am a poor college student. I don't have the funds or means to do stuff like that once a week so, I may do Tried It Thursday posts sparingly until I am married and am living in my condo. In the meantime, they will be mostly Time Management tips because that's something I really need to work on and I figured I can share what I've found and what works for me!  
Fit Friday- I need to look fabulous within 72 days... Join me on that journey. Food and excersice tips! 
Scene It Saturday- This one will be fun with its ambiguity! Scene It Saturday mostly means movies I've seen but it can also apply to tv shows and celebrity fashion/beauty. 

So, now that you know what to expect from the week... I want to let you in on what the heck happened to 100+ posts on here. Well, I want this blog to be something that I'm proud of... something I can put on a resume or show off to people and be proud of my work. My three halfhearted attempts at 30 Day Blog Challenge's, tags, and short rambles of nothingness just weren't cutting it. The posts I have kept I will either leave them as they are or edit them to give them a little bit more spice. 

If you'd like to see what I was up to on my brief hiatus, check out . I'm not sure if I'll continue posting there but, I have some good articles and I learned a lot about what to do and not to do in blogging. 

I hope to see you around more often
Stay beautiful,

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