Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY: Folder Holder

Folder Holder! (Can also be used as magazine holder, paper holder, newspaper holder or notebook holder)

What You'll Need:
Cereal Box
Old magazines and/or Scrapbook paper

Step One: 
Make a diagonal mark on both sides (front and back) of the cereal box and a horizontal line across the front to make sure they match

 Step Two: Cut along the lines you marked. It should look like this when its done:

Step Three: Tear out magazine words and pictures that inspire you or go with a theme. (Tip: Use a brightly colored page as a "background" for all the other pics and words to go on ) Or, use scrapbook paper to create a fun and unique design. 

Step Four: Collage it! Mine ended up looking like this! (Sorry for the super bad pic quality, it was night and when I used flash it just made everything white :P )

There you go! You now have a fun, easy and cheap one of a kind holder! Enjoy!
p.s. I'm using mine for class folders and notebooks (Separate holder for each)

What other DIY projects would you like me to try?

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  1. GREAT idea, Kailey! I'll def. need to try this!


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