Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Blogger Award! :D

OMG-Double H KP you guys! I have been awarded with the "Best Blog Award" :D Can someone tell me how to stick this image over in the side bar? :P  ---> 

The rules of this award are:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this to you

2. Share 7 random things about yourself
- I can't have my nails painted for work and its driving me crazy
- I love apple juice. I'm addicted.
- I love make up but, its hard for me to splurge on it. Don't get me wrong I have a ton of it. It just may not be the best quality :P
- I am going to be a freshman in college
- I have oily skin. (ick)
- Parfaits are one of my favorite treats. 
- I like being crafty ;)

3. Award 15 bloggers. (You can do this if you want but, I think 15 is too much. I'm going to do 5 to make it more special :) )

Crafts, Exactly!

4. Answer the following questions

Your favorite color: I'm liking turquoise atm :)
Your favorite song: Don't ask me to choose! I cant' possibly choose! Sorry to dissapoint ;p
Your favorite dessert: Anything with chocolate (sans nuts) or icecream (sans nut or minty ick)
What is pissing you off: Work hahaha
When you 're upset, you: read and be grumpy and vent 
Your favorite pet: MY KITTY WEDNESDAY :D
Black or White: to wear? Black
Biggest fear: The unknown
Best feature: My eyes
Everyday attitude: Bubbly 
What is perfection: Is there such a thing?
Guilty pleasure: Sarah Dessen books 

If you were awarded, I hope you award other bloggers so this post can keep going around blogger!

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