Thursday, May 24, 2012

Complete Look: Summer Date Night

Summer is perfect for summer flings and spending lots of time with the one you love. So, there are a lot of date nights around the corner. I want to help you make sure you look as fabulous as you are! :) (if you don't have any dates in the future, don't worry you can wear this look for a girls night out ;) )

First, and most importantly, the outfit!

From left to right. 
Just Picked Tee $26 
Mesh with This Tank $24 (Trend Insider 7 item! Not available online or in catalog! email me for details,
Going to New Lengths (Midi Skirt) $30 

Next, the make up!

Matte-Nificent Oil Absorbing Powder$14

(Keeps you from getting shiny mid-date!)

 Glowdacious Illuminating Powder $13

(Use like a bronzer to give a fresh summertime glow) 

 On  The Dot Eye Color Compact $16
(I would use the dark gold on lid, light gold in crease, white in inner corners and brow and teal or purple on lower lash line for a pop of color) 
Lash All You Want High Volume Mascara 
(So you can bat your eyelashes all night long ;) )

Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain $11
(For this look I would recommend Bare)


Curl Commander Curl Wave Defining Gel $16
(Scrunch your hair with this to get amazing beachy waves, without looking frizzy)

And Last but Certainly not least:


 Jewel Eau De Toilette Spray $24
(Ultimately the scent is up to you and completely based on the person but this is a popular scent and has the right amount of flirty and subtly sexy!)

And there you have it gorgeous gals! A complete Summer Date Night Look (and scent for good measure ;) ) You can get all things seen here through me! Just click on this link:
*Edit: I do not sell mark/Avon anymore. If you would like any of these products please contact your local Avon Representative*
Thanks for reading! :)
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