Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad Press Is Indeed Good Press... Wait, What?!

So... I saw an article today top albums of the week (or something like that, I was just glancing) and I saw something that kind of irritated me. 
What's irritating about whats popular in music? you may ask... or 
you may be thinking, "ugh, you're such a hipster". 
But I promise, I'm not a hipster (and yes, I know thats what all the hipsters say... but really, usually I like/love top 40 hits, popular movies and the like... even after they're considered cool).
But back to the point...
what made me mad was the person that was in the top 10 (currently 12).
I'm not going to name the person because I don't want to give her even more publicity but, if your curious and can't figure out who I am talking about just look up the Billboard Top 200 for this week.
It irritates me that bad press is good press.
Someone can do a hoard of inappropriate, gross, and/or "offensive" things and somehow they are suddenly the most interesting person in the world.
I feel like in this day and age scandals are only truly scandals if they happen to politicians. To celebrities, scandals just make you more popular.
Whats wrong with that?
We all make mistakes, don't we? 
Yes. Of course we all make mistakes and we shouldn't be forced to pay for them our entire life. 
But supporting these albums/songs/etc from people who have very recently done offensive things, it just reiterates the idea that not only is it okay to be offensive and inappropriate but that its desirable. Because if you create a scandal, even multiple scandals you will make even more money because people now find you just so much more interesting. 
I'm sorry. Is it such a bad thing for me to wish that the majority of people would support the ones that are trying to make it without totally loosing their innocence or at least realizing that they are a ROLE MODEL. 
Is it wrong of me to think we should be supporting people because of their merit and not because of how many shocking things they can do in a couple of months. 

Hope you enjoyed my rant.
I just needed to get that out.
How do you feel about this?

Stay Beautiful,

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