Sunday, November 17, 2013

Totally Toned: Workout Week One

First official week of my #TotallyToned series! 
So how did I fare on my first week of Barre and Yoga?

Monday: Free Full Length 30 Minute Ballet Workout - Finished very sweaty and feeling great! I was out of breath during most of it but not like I was running. Which I liked :) 
Eventually I would like to be as graceful as her and be able to lift my legs as high!!

Tuesday: Heavenly Hips- Well I was a little worried about todays workout and with good reason! It was a 60 minute intermediate yoga workout! I'm not very good at working out for over 30 minutes anyway and holding poses doesn't make that easier! Doing yoga I've realized I have very little upper body strength! I did this workout for about 20 minutes, got discouraged then skipped to the. end stretches. Next time around my goal is just to finish the workout!

Wednesday- Saturday: As luck would have it, I got sick this week! I'm totally planning on continuing with week 2 again next week though So... stay tuned. 

How did you do this week?

Stay Beautiful,

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