Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crash Course for Beauty Beginners

Hello again beauties!

So, I am aware that not everyone has been in love with make up since age 7 like I was. Here is a little crash course if you are just getting into make up (no matter what age) or maybe a refresher course. If you are already a beauty expert you can still read it and then leave a comment with your own advice :).

First off, here's an eye diagram so you know what I'm talking about when I say where to apply things. :)

Note: image not mine

Alright, so, lets start with tools. What kind of tools do you need, which do you want, and how do you use them?

Want: Eyelash Curler. This is not SUPER essential but, its my favorite beauty tool! Its so great if you want your eyelashes to look super long!
How to Use: Put eyelash curler at the base of your eye, close your eyes and clamp down on your eye-lashes. Leave for about 20 seconds, un-clamp and wah-lah! Beautiful eyelashes! I usually do this before applying mascara but you can do it before or after.
Make Me Lash Eyelash Curler $7

 Need: Brushes! Brushes help you apply your make up easier and if you wash them regularly (I use baby shampoo and water, swirling it in my palm and drying lying flat) keeps your face from getting oily. There are all kinds of brushes. I would say the essentials are a foundation brush (I love kabuki brushes for that), eye shadow brush (dome tipped), and a flat eyeliner brush (I like to use shadow for my eyeliner so, I use that one a ton!). You can get brushes separately or in a kit. This kit has all the brushes you absolutely need and then some that just make your life easier. They are travel size but you could use them as your regular brushes if you didn't have any others. 
How to Use: For the foundation brush just swirl the brush in your foundation to get product on then apply in circular motions all around the face and neck. If you have liquid foundation I would recommend using a make up sponge instead of a brush but you can still use your brush. Just apply the liquid on your face in dots then swirl/buff it in. Eye shadow brushes can be used as if you are painting on your make up. Just get color on your brush and swipe it on. For the eyeliner brush you'll want to be a little more careful. Make sure your using it flat against your eye. Go right under your water line and not on it. 

Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit $16

Want: Pencil Sharpener specifically for your eye shadow sticks and eyeliner. I don't know about you but I don't want lead in my eyes! lol Also, its a lot easier to sharpen your eye shadow sticks/eyeliner if you have a sharpener that fits them. The reason you want one is because it saves you tons of money! You can actually use the pencil all up instead of just getting rid of it when it goes dull. 

Pencil Sharpener $3

Obviously there are a ton more tools that you could get, but I consider those to be the basics of what you need, especially for a beginner. 

Lets move on to make up. Here are the essentials and how to apply.

Concealer: I like a concealer stick but you can also use ones that you can apply with a brush or finger.
How to Apply: Apply the product under your eyes and where ever there is redness. Then blend with your finger or a concealer brush. 
Good Riddance Hook Up Concealer $6.50
Foundation: I personally like powder foundation better. But you can use liquid or powder. I would say liquid for people with dry skin and powder for people with oily skin. Normal skin can choose! lol. 
How to Apply: (same as how to use foundation brush above)For powder foundation just swirl the brush in your foundation to get product on then apply in circular motions all around the face and neck. If you have liquid foundation just apply the liquid on your face in dots then swirl/buff it in.

Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation $14

Eyeliner: I find that pencil eyeliner works well for me but you can also use gel or liquid. If you use gel eye-liner then you HAVE to have an eyeliner brush. For beginners I would suggest brown or black depending on the color of your lashes and eyes. 
How to Apply: Apply on your lower lash line and/or your water line just by "drawing" on the color. You can also apply on your upper lash line. I suggest when doing this you rest your pinky on the edge of your nose for a straighter line.  I would suggest water-proof :)

No Place to Run Long Wear Eyeliner $9

Again, there are more you can do, these are just what I consider absolute essentials! 
You can get all these products at my mark store! 
*EDIT: I do not sell mark/Avon anymore. If you would like any of these specific products, please contact your local Avon Representative*
Let me know if you liked this, your own tips and what you want to see next! 
Stay Beautiful,

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