Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Butt, a Couch and an Eel: Met Gala 2013 Worst Dressed!

If you're confused about what the Met Gala is, read my last post first! :) 

Now, here are my picks for the Worst Dressed of the evening, in order! 
My main complaints? People looking like they should be cast as Finnick, and clothes that don't fit! 

All together now! (I made it extra large, even though it goes over a little bit).
*Photos above and below from* 
1. Madonna- While I give her props for taking the punk theme literally... Nobody wants too see her 50+ year old butt! Put on some pants! 
2. Kim Kardashian- Not even she can pull off looking like a couch. Who knows, maybe she was pulling a Slughorn right before the party. 
3. Katy Perry- I'm all for calling clothes an art form, but this is taking it a little too far.
4. Beyonce Knowles- I may get crap for this but I don't care. I think it looks like she's wearing a tapestry. And the matchy matchyness is killing me. 
5. Miley Cyrus-Hey look mom, I caught a electric eel! 
6. Mary Kate Olsen- Too much fabric! 
7. Kristen Stewart- I'm okay with the chest up and knees down, but the whole middle part is just a hot mess. 
8. Florence Welch-Just.. no. 
9. Sarah Jessica Parker- This could be okay but what the heck is on her head?!
10. Anne Hathaway- Oh with the feathers already! I appreciate the dress, minus the feathers at the wrists.Makes her look like a cracked out Cruella DeVil
11. Aubrey Plaza- Look Miley, something for you to catch in your giant fishnet! 
12. Rita Ora- This could be cute, but to me it just looks cheap (which I'm sure it wasn't). 
13. Nicki Manaj- Its not that the dress is bad... its that it makes her look frumpy. 
14. Elle Fanning- The makeup... oh the makeup. I don't like the dress either, I think its too boxy and distorts her figure. But, its not that bad. 

Hope you enjoyed? Do you agree, disagree? Who do you think should be on here? Let me know in the comments! 

Stay Beautiful!

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