Monday, April 11, 2011

Now What? Career Options for English Majors *Requested*

Hey everybody! This topic was requested by incredible boyfriend Reyne. What are things that you can do with an English major? Well, Reyne (and any other people who were wondering) I am glad you asked. :)
English majors have had a tendency to become actors- people like Jodi Foster and Paul Newman.

Other famous English degree holders include Stephen Speilburg and Barbra Walters.
There is really no end to the amount of things that you can do with an English major.

  •   Author-- with an English degree with an emphasis on creative writing you can be on your way to a New York Times best seller
  • Journalist-- An English degree with an emphasis on Journalism (or just a journalism degree) will allow you to write for magazines, newspapers and other emerging media. 
  • Editor-- You won't be Editor-in- Chief right out of college but you can always work your way up the ladder.
  • Teach-- This is probably the most common thing people think of when they thing English major.  If you want to teach middle or high school you only have to have a B.A but if you want to teach at the college level you have to have your masters.
  • Publisher-- My personal favorite. Become a publisher. This also won't happen over night. You may have to climb up the ladder so to speak but I think it would be worth it in the end.
  • Literary Agent-- (my second favorite)Literary Agents are just like Acting Agents or talent scouts. They will pick you up if they like you and get you connected with the right people.
  • Director/Producer/Actor/Playwright-- self explanatory
  •  Communications-- Having an English major makes you an excellent candidate for a career in communications because being an English major makes you more well versed and sound intelligent. :)
I think thats enough options... for now ;) Please comment below if you can think of anymore!! And let me know of any more requests for future blogs that you have.
What are you thinking about majoring in? (I'm English and a minor in Business and Communications)
till next time,

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