Sunday, April 17, 2011

Comment Issues

Hey there fellow Bloggers!
I recently found out why I can't comment on other people's post.. . because of their settings! And I had the same setting so nobody could comment on mine either. This is a quote from the "answer" of another girl with the same problem. 

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Hi gang, I worked through this with a friend on whose blog I couldn't comment (we both use Blogger/Google and I was signed in.) Got tired of coming across it on certain blogs, and asked her to change some settings and let me re-try. She said she'd had other friends complain that they couldn't comment, either, but she didn't know what was wrong.

So, in one's blog SETTINGS, under the COMMENTS tab, where you have three choices for how your comments will appear (Full Page, Pop-Up Window, or Embedded Below Post),  it is the third choice - Embedded Below Post - which for some reason disables the little pull-down menu where we are asked to "Choose A Profile" and which prevents us from commenting.

Somewhere therein lies the programming error.

In the meantime, every time I come across a blog where I can't comment, I'm going to ask them to change this setting to one of the other two.

I hope someone from Google/Blogger is reading this: there is the problem! Though, not being a programmer, I have NO CLUE what it is. Thanks!"

So, now I know. and so do you! go check your settings if you want your followers to be able to comment, and spread the word! :)
p.s. Leave me any request in the comments! :)

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